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Court and Judicial Surety Bonds

8781568.jpgOur Experienced Court Bond Department works with court systems all over the country. The Judicial System often requires that both plaintiffs and defendants to post a bond to guarantee that certain costs and fees be paid as well as for other reasons in conjunction with the litigation process. Please call our judicial surety bond representatives a call at 800-314-7003 for a fast quote.

Below are our most common Court Surety Bonds:

Replevin Surety Bond
A Replevin Bond protects a defendant in a lawsuit from loss or damages that arise from the defendant's property being erroneously secured in an injunction by the plaintiff in the course of the trial before the court's rendering. 

Injunction Surety Bond
Also known as a Replevin Bond, an Injunction Bond protects defendants in a lawsuit from damages that arise from a plaintiff being granting an injunction that is later to be ruled unfounded by an adverse finding against the plaintiff.

Executor Surety Bond
Executor Bonds are required by probate courts to protect a deceased person's estate from mismanagement of funds or fraud on the part of the will's executor.

Guardianship Surety Bond
Guardianship Bonds, also known as Executor Bonds, guarantee that the actions of an estate's executor will be performed in good faith, and in accordance with the law.

Non Resident Cost Surety Bond
Non Resident Cost Surety Bonds protect plaintiffs and courts in a case in which the plaintiff is out-of-state, and it guarantees that if the ruling is against the in-state plaintiff then the plaintiff will pay court costs and litigation costs as state law dictates.

Appeal Surety Bond
An Appeal Surety Bond may be required in a court case if either the defendant or the plaintiff wish to appeal a decision, and it protects the opposing party from damages that arise from a appellate ruling against the Obligee (the party required to take out the bond).

Cost Surety Bond
Cost Surety Bonds guarantee that court costs and related costs will be paid by the plaintiff who is ruled against in cases where the lawsuit is filed in another state 

Supersedeas Surety Bond
A Supredeas Bond, like an appeal bond, guarantees that an appellant party will pay for damages done to the opposing party during the period of the appeal, if the appellant has been ruled against.

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