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Gresham, OR Surety Bonds

Gresham Surety Bond Call Pro Surety Bond now for a fast and free quote. We specialize in all types of Contract and Construction Bonds including Payment and Performance Bonds, Subdivision and Off Site Bonds, Bid Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Court Bonds, Fidelity Bonds and all types of Miscellaneous Surety Bonds. Experience our agent’s enthusiasm by calling 800-314-7003. We’re available now. Call the Gresham Surety Bond Pros at 800-314-7003!

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Call 800-314-7003! What is a surety bond? If you are in need of a business license, you need a license and permit bond. Surety bonds of this variety are usually required by the government to guarantee to the public that you will conduct business in an above board manner and in good faith. They are technically insurance, but it might be more useful to think of them as a form of credit, because if a claim is made against your bond, the surety will, after having approved the validity of the claim, pay off the claim and then come to you for reimbursement. This is one of the reasons that a credit check is almost always a part of getting a surety bond. Pro Surety Bond has over 25 years of combined industry experience searching high and low for the most affordable rates it can track down for its clients, including those whose credit has seen better days. We have a program for almost everyone. Call 800-314-7003!

Bidding Opportunities in Gresham

If you are bidding on public projects for the City of Gresham you may be required to post a Bid Bond. The Bid Bond guarantees you will be able to provide the Performance Bonds required in the event you are the low bidder. In essence the Bid Bond pre-qualifies you for the work you are bidding on. Not all jobs require bonding but if they do we can assist you with Bid Bonds, and subsequent Performance and Payment Bonds as required by the state. Please call the Contract Bond Team at Pro Surety Bond for more information.

Click Here for Bidding Opportunities for the City of Gresham

Gresham Purchasing Office

Gresham City Hall
1333 N.W. Eastman Parkway
Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: 503-618-2376
Map to Purchasing Office

So Near Portland, Yet So Far

Gresham, Oregon, population 105,000 is a city near Portland, and gets its name from an American civil war postmaster general, Walter Gresham. Gresham started out as a logging camp of all things, but continued to grow into a community after a while. According to local legend the residents of what would become Gresham were informed that they could not become an incorporated city unless they had a post office. A general store owner suggested his store be used a post office and promised to name to city after the postmaster general if they got approval for it. These days Gresham is no longer the sleepy town it was. It has grown rapidly over the past few decades, and has more or less become a bedroom community for Portland. Nevertheless, it remains a viable alternative to that city.

Gresham has an aggressive program of business incentives geared to keeping the city sustainable economically for years to come. Programs include: enterprise zones with tax abatements when you meet hiring quotas; the Gresham strategic investment zone, an enterprise zone geared for high tech development (15 year tax abatements available); sustainable energy incentives the GREAT business program which counsel local businesses about smarter strategies for material reuse; and a commercial storm water fee reduction, which allows for storm water utility fee adjustments for commercial and industrial newcomers. To entice more investors to the state, Gresham likes to emphasize that Oregon does not have a sales and use tax, inventory tax, a motor vehicle excise tax, or a state capital tax on asset value. Call the Gresham Surety Bond Pros Today at 800-314-7003!

Why do I need a credit check in order to buy a bond? One of the most important things a surety company does is determine if someone is a good risk. There are in fact a number of things that underwriters look at when assessing risk, including how many times a claim has been made against one of their bonds; but a credit report offers a fairly accurate snapshot with respect to financial outlook and general stability. It tells the underwriters, in short, how good you are at handling responsibilities and managing your money and affairs. Credit checks are so reliable that in some cases you can be bonded with only a credit check. Remember though, if your credit isn’t great, we have a program for almost every applicant.

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How long does it take to get a bond? In the quickest cases the turnaround for getting a bond is surprisingly quick, often the bond can be purchased and in the mail in the same day. In most other cases there is a 24 to 48 hour period during which the credit check is being conducted. Some bonds are more complicated however, like contractor bonds for massive building projects, and the check for that type of bond involves more factors. But remember, Pro Surety Bond offers same day quotes on most bonds and filing an application is simple. Give us a call at 800-314-7003

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The Surety Bonds We See Most Commonly in Gresham, OR

There are literally thousands of different Surety Bonds to guarantee the performance of businesses and individuals. The following list of are the bonds we most commonly see.

Gresham Supersedeas Bond Gresham Freight Broker Bond - BMC-84
Gresham Appeal Bond Gresham DMV Driving School Bond
Gresham Telemarketer Bond Gresham Promoter Bond
Gresham Lottery Bond Gresham Non Resident Cost Bond
Gresham Talent Agency Bond Gresham Lost Instrument Bond
Gresham Third Party Administrator Bond Gresham Injunction Bond
Gresham Janitorial Service Bond Gresham Replevin Bond
Gresham Title Agency Bond Gresham Performance Bond
Gresham Garage Bond Gresham Executor Bond
Gresham Utility Bond Gresham DMEPOS (Medicare) Bond
Gresham Credit Repair Bonds Gresham Contractor’s License Bond
Gresham Wage and Welfare Bond Gresham Supply Bond
Gresham Fidelity Bond Gresham Pawnbroker Bond
Gresham ERISA Bond Gresham Business Service Bond
Gresham Pharmacy Wholesaler Bond Gresham Warranty Bond
Gresham Sales Tax Bond Gresham Mortgage Lender Bond
Gresham Sheriffs Indemnity Bond Gresham Subdivision Bond
Gresham Insurance Broker Bond Gresham Health Club Bond
Gresham Lost Deed Bond Gresham Auto Dealer Bond
Gresham Release of Lien Bond Gresham Payment Bond
Gresham Lost Title Bond Gresham Used Car Dealer Bond
Gresham Appraisal Company Bond Gresham Home Health Care Bond
Gresham Honesty Bond Gresham Process Server Bond
Gresham Notary Bond Gresham Labor Bond
Gresham Material Bond Gresham Guardianship Bond
Gresham Travel Agency Bond Gresham Off Site Improvement Bond
Gresham Public Official Bond Gresham Cost Bond
Gresham Medicaid Provider Bond Gresham Bid Bond
Gresham Auctioneer Bond Gresham Race & Sports Book Bond
Gresham Mortgage Broker Bond Gresham Collection Agency Bond
Gresham Employee Theft Bond Gresham Emissions Station Bond
Gresham Credit Services Organization Bond
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