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Surety Bonds By Type 

18020984.jpgSurety Bonds are generally categorized by the five main types listed below. Pro Surety Bond specializes in ALL types of surety bonds and we are licensed in All 50 States! Our friendly and experienced staff is  available to take care of your bonding needs whatever they may be. Give our Surety Bond Team a call at 800-314-7003 and we will get your bond quickly, efficiently, and for the best possible price.

Contract and Construction Surety Bonds

When Contractors are awarded a large project, the project owner usually requires a Contract or Performance Bond. Contract Bonds typically guarantee the contractor’s work quality and that the project will be completed as per the specifications in the contract. They also guarantee the contractor will pay all of the labor and material bills Surety Bonds are a financial agreement that guarantees the performance of a person or business.  Click for more info on Contract and Construction Bonds

License and Permit Surety Bonds

Many types of businesses are required by law to have a license or permit to conduct business. In these cases, a bond may be needed to guarantee that the business will comply with federal, state and local government regulations. Please contact our license and permit surety bond agents and get bonded right away. Click for more info on License and Permit Bonds

Court and Judicial Surety Bonds

The Judicial System often requires that both plaintiffs and defendants to post a bond to guarantee that certain costs and fees be paid as well as for other reasons in conjunction with the litigation process. Click for more info on Court and Judicial Surety Bonds

Fidelity and Crime Surety Bonds

A Fidelity Bond is normally used by business owners to guarantee losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees. In some cases it protects the employees by guaranteeing the honesty of an employer when it comes to managing their 401K accounts. Click for more info on Fidelity and Crime Surety Bonds

Miscellaneous Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds are a financial agreement that guarantees the performance of a person or business. We call bonds that cannot be specifically classified in other categories Miscellaneous Bonds. Click for more info on Miscellaneous Surety Bonds

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