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Fidelity and Crime Surety Bonds

18879135.jpgA Fidelity Bond is normally used by business owners to guarantee losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees.  In some cases it protects the employees by guaranteeing the honesty of an employer when it comes to managing their 401K accounts. Call our Fidelity and Crime surety bond team at 800-314-7003 today!

Fidelity Bonds that are are offered at Pro Surety Bond are:

Employee Theft Surety Bond
Employee Theft Surety Bonds protect businesses from theft, embezzlement or dishonest behavior on the part of their employees when the employees are handling the funds of a client. 

ERISA Surety Bond
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act Bond protects retirement plans from the plan manager's incompetence or willful mishandling of the plan's funds. 

Fidelity Surety Bond
Fidelity Bonds, also known as Dishonesty Bonds or Business Services Bonds, protect a business from losses it incurs if one or more of it's own employees steal or damage the property of a company they are doing business with.

Honesty Surety Bond
Honesty Bonds help build trust in a business's clients by guaranteeing that should its employees commit theft or other dishonest acts, then the business and its client in turn will be covered.

Janitorial Service Surety Bond
A Janitorial Bond is a type of Fidelity Bond that protects an employer from damages or pilferage its janitorial staff commit st acts or theft at a place of business where they have been sent.

Business Service Surety Bond
Like most of the other bonds on this page, a Business Service Surety Bond protects an employer--one who provides employees for another place of business--from damages that arise from misappropriation or irresponsible acts on the part of the provider's employees.

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