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License and Permit Surety Bonds

12695829.jpgMany types of businesses are required by law to have a license or permit to conduct business. In these cases, a bond may be needed to guarantee that the business will comply with federal, state and local government regulations. Please contact our license and permit surety bond consultants and get bonded right away. Our toll free number is 800-314-7003 

License and Permit Surety Bonds available through Pro Surety Bond:

Freight Broker Bond
A Freight Broker Bond protects shippers and carriers from the loss of funds if a Freight Broker doesn’t follow the rules set forth by the law. If the broker doesn’t remit the funds he is responsible for according to the agreement or regulations, a claim may be made against the bond.

Mortgage Broker Surety Bond
Mortgage Broker Bonds assure their lender clients that the broker will execute all written agreements faithfully, refrain from all unlawful business practices and in general maintain the banking and finance laws that govern the industry. 

Mortgage Lender Surety Bond
Mortgage Lender Bonds are similar to Broker Bonds, but the guarantee they offer is to the borrower, and they assure that the lender will handle funds (e.g. escrow accounts) lawfully, and will in general maintain a good business reputation by following all industry regulations.

Contractors License Surety Bond
Contractor Bonds assure its clients that the any contractor issued a license will operate his enterprise according to best business practices, will adhere to industry regulation and will pay any indemnities that stem from any violation of regulatory codes. 

Utility Surety Bond
A Utility Surety Bond guarantees that a utility consumer will pay utility bills to the utility company in a timely manner. 

Used Car Dealer Surety Bond
A Used Car Dealer Bond financially backs up a dealer's pledge in the eyes of the public and the government to do business honestly and maintain the highest standards by upholding state and local regulations that govern that industry.

Auto Dealer Surety Bond
Also known as a DMV Bond in some states, the Auto Dealer Bond is a financial pledge to the public and to the government that the dealer will maintain a good business reputation by adhering to all laws that pertain to the industry. 

Emissions Station Surety Bond
Emissions Station Surety Bonds assure the public and the state government that any merchant who performs emission standards inspections on behalf of the state will perform them accurately and refrain from any unlawful activities that might compromise the safety of the public and the integrity of the industry.

Garage Surety Bond
Also known as a Parking Lot Bond, the Garage Bond is required of any valet parking lot business before they may be licensed. They guarantee that the vehicles under their charge are kept secure from theft or damage. 

Sales Tax Surety Bond
Sales Tax Bonds are required in most states with businesses that collect sales tax and guarantee to the state and/or local department of taxation that the merchant will collect the sales tax faithfully and will deposit the moneys at the stipulated time. 

DMV Driving School Surety Bond
A Driving School Bond is required by any business that provides driving instruction and guarantees that the school will abide by the professional code that pertains to that industry, that it will comply with the regulations laid down by state regulatory bodies and will deliver services to their customers as agreed upon. 

Health Club Surety Bond
A Health Club Bond assures the public that the business will provide its services according the law laws set down by the respective state, and allows a customer to make a claim against it in the event that the health club does not adhere to the contract with the client.

Home Health Care Surety Bond
Home Health Care Bonds cover clients of a home health care business against damage or injury that may arise as a result of its employees or not observing the regulations of that industry. 

Lottery Surety BondSave
Lottery Bonds exist to protect that public from any improper use by any business that sells lottery tickets.

Pawnbroker Surety Bond
Pawn Broker Bonds protect a broker's business customers against dishonest business practices that result from non-compliance with the laws that regulate the industry.

Pharmacy Wholesaler Surety Bond
Pharmacy Wholesalers are required by law in many states to assure the public that the wholesaler is fulfilling his duties by observing the regulations that govern the pharmacy wholesaler industry

Process Server Surety Bond
Process Servers may be required to be bonded in order to protect any individuals who are wronged or incur damages through the irresponsible or unconscientious behavior of someone in their profession.

Promoter Surety Bond
A Promoter Bond is required in many places that hold organized sporting events;- they provide means for a sports contestant to recoup losses from unpaid fees and unethical behavior on the part of the promoter.

Talent Agency Surety Bond
Talent Agency Bonds guarantee to any clients it represents that the agency will perform all its services as stipulated by the contractual agreement between the agency and the client.

Telemarketer Surety Bond
A Telemarketing Bond guarantees that a telemarketing company's client may make a claim against said company if it does not act ethically or in accordance with the regulations of the industry.

Title Agency Surety Bond
Title Agency Bonds ensure that title agencies in a given state will adhere to the regulations of that industry, including proper document handling and title issuing.

Travel Agency Surety Bond
A Travel Agency Bond, also known as an ARC bond, guarantees that monies accepted as payment for airline tickets will be paid to the airline in good faith and according to established regulations.

Insurance Broker Surety Bond
Insurance Broker Bonds protect a broker's clientele against any harm on the part of the broker's company, and that he will abide by the laws set down by state's department of insurance or equivalent body.

Race & Sportsbook Surety Bond
A Race and Sportsbook bond protects the public at large from mishandling of funds and unethical practices by the sportsbook, as well as guarantee the overall observance of race and sportsbook regulations in that state. 

Appraisal Company Surety Bond
Appraisal Company Surety Bonds guarantee that the appraisal company shall act in accordance with the laws and regulations of that industry by performing their duties honestly and in good faith.

Auctioneer Surety Bond
Auctioneer Bonds are required in many states to protect the public against an auctioneer's actions that give rise to financial loss or other damages.

Credit Services Organization Surety Bond
A Credit Service Organization bond assures the public that, if someone is charged a fee for the organization's service, that they are protected if the organization's wrongful or irresponsible behavior.

Collection Agency Surety Bond
Collection Agency Bonds back up the pledge of an agency to collect the funds of debts or their clients and remit them according to contractual agreement, industry regulation and good business practice.

Contractor’s License Surety Bond
Contractor License Bonds guarantee that the work a contractor performs for a project owner will be according to the terms outlined in the contract, and that they will observe the regulations of that industry. 

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