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Miscellaneous Surety Bonds

11503900.jpgSurety Bonds are a financial agreement that guarantees the performance of a person or business. We call bonds that cannot be specifically classified in other categories Miscellaneous Bonds. Call our team of bond sales agents at 800-314-7003 and get your surety bond today! 

Pro Surety Bond's Miscellaneous Surety Bonds: 


Lost Title Surety Bond
Lost Title Bonds protect owners of a stolen automobile from the fraudulent issuance of a title to someone who is not the owner.

Lost Instrument Surety Bond
Also known as a Lost Note Bond, a Lost Instrument Bond protects a transfer agent from a fraudulent request to issue a new stock certificate.

Public Official Surety Bond
Public Official Bonds protect the public at large from acts of fraud or malfeasance committed by the official in the course of his duties.

Third Party Administrator Surety Bond
A Third Party Administrator Bond guarantees that a third party--one that handles insurance claims, union dues or employee benefit plans for instance--will handle those funds in good faith and according to the laws and regulations of the industry.

Wage and Welfare Surety Bond
Wage Bonds, also known as Union Bonds or Welfare Bonds, protect employees from unpaid or otherwise mismanaged wages or fringe benefits.

Sheriffs Indemnity Surety Bond
A Sheriff's Indemnity Bond protects law enforcement agencies from damages sought by defendants for the improper seizing of their property in the course of executing their duties.

Release of Lien Surety Bond
A Release of Lien Bond is needed by building project owners who are trying to discharge a lien against their property that has been placed by a contractor. The lien is mean to to force the property into eventual foreclosure so that the contractor may be paid for goods and services he has invested in the project. The bond covers the contractor for monies that are still owed to him in the event he wins his case against the owner.

Lost Deed Surety Bond
A Lost Deed Bond allows for the transference of a piece of real estate in cases where the deed is lost or destroyed. It is similar to a Lost Title Bond in that it provides security in the event that there is a dispute over the deed's proper owner.

Medicaid Provider Surety Bond
Medicaid Provider Bonds assure the federal government and ultimately the public at large that as a provider of medical equipment and various medical supplies to Medicaid patients, you will be held financially responsible for fraudulent behavior including but not limited to unnecessary billing.

DMEPOS (Medicare) Surety Bond
DMEPOS Bonds, also known as DME Bonds and Medicaid Provider bonds, guarantee that suppliers of medical equipment to Medicaid patients will behave lawfully and ethically, and not engage in fraudulent billing practices.

Notary Surety Bond
Notary Bonds, also known as Notary Public Error & Omissions Bonds, cover the public against potential mistakes and oversights on the part of a notary public. 

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