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Bad Credit Programs

7579411_s.jpgWe understand the last few years of difficult economic times have been devastating for both companies and individuals. We have several programs available to assist those with credit challenges get the surety bonds they need!  We specialize in getting people approved for their Surety Bond regardless of their credit score. Please call our highly skilled staff at 800-314-7003 and begin the process today. We have some of the lowest rates in the country for substandard surety bonds so call today!

Credit Scores

Generally speaking a FICO credit score below 650 requires us to shop your bond to substandard markets to get the best price. Sometimes, even when your score is over 650, your risk can be considered substandard because of other considerations, such as troublesome or not enough work history in your field, civil judgments or unpaid tax liens.  

The Application Process

Every bond begins with the application process, and the application process is easy! Just call our Surety Bond team at 800-314-7003 and let them go to work for you. Even if you have bad credit, we can almost always help you get the bond you need. The biggest difference is simply that your bond may cost a little more than if your credit was unblemished.

Additional Factors

10794257_s.jpgSometimes we can help you get your rate lowered if your credit score improves over time.  Also if you can obtain a co-signer with excellent credit (such as a family member) we can get your rate down. Keep in mind that credit scores are only one factor. We’ve had clients that had good credit and money in the bank, but because they were new in business, did not have a good business history and had to go substandard until they built up a good record in their type of business.

Open Bankruptcy and Collateral

Unfortunately if you have an open bankruptcy you cannot be bonded. Once your bankruptcy is discharged we will certainly be able to assist you.  In the case of collateral, it is only needed in rare instances, and only for certain types of surety bonds.

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