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Azle Surety Bond

Contact our outstanding team of professionals at Pro Surety Bond. We specialize in all types of Contract and Construction Bonds including Payment and Performance Bonds, Subdivision and Off Site Bonds, Bid Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Court Bonds, Fidelity Bonds and all types of Miscellaneous Surety Bonds. A skilled and courteous representative is waiting to take your call at 800-314-7003 You can talk to a member of the team. Call the Azle Surety Bond Pros at 800-314-7003!

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Call 800-314-7003! What is a surety bond? A surety bond, among other things, provides the government with the peace of mind necessary to do business with you even though they don’t know you well. Let’s say you own a detective agency. Regulations are necessary to make sure that people in that business operate on the up and up. It's an industry with a lot of regulations, because you may very well come across sensitive information about the people you are investigating, and the government wants to know that you will handle that data responsibly. Pro Surety Bond has over 25 years of combined industry experience, and we won’t turn you away if you want to send us a little more. Call even if you think reasonably priced bonding is out of your reach. We might be able to do something for you. Call 800-314-7003!

Bidding Opportunities in Azle

If you are bidding on public projects for the City of Azle you may be required to post a Bid Bond. The Bid Bond guarantees you will be able to provide the Performance Bonds required in the event you are the low bidder. In essence the Bid Bond pre-qualifies you for the work you are bidding on. Not all jobs require bonding but if they do we can assist you with Bid Bonds, and subsequent Performance and Payment Bonds as required by the state. Please call the Contract Bond Team at Pro Surety Bond for more information.

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613 SE Parkway

Azle, TX 76020

Phone: (817) 444-2541

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Azle. Absolutely.

Azle is a city in Parker and Tarrant Counties and it is the 204 most populous city in the state of Texas. The city was named after James Azle Stewart, a young doctor who donated land to be used for the townsite so that it would bear his name. Azle was an agricultural city from the beginning, with wheat, corn, botton and sorghum as the main crops. Later dairy would be added when refrigerated railcars made it feasible. In the 1930s agriculture declined, around which time State Highway 34 was run through town. Today Azle is a residential community on the outskirts of Fort Worth.

Azle is located about 15 miles northwest of Fort Worth, in an ideal location near State Highway 199, and three interstates, all of which are convenient to Dallas Ft Worth International Airport. Azle is already thriving economically with a number of retail, industrial and manufacturing interests located here, but the city still has room for expansion. If you’re in the market for an industrial location or if you’re a startup, Azle has a large number of sites available that the Economic Development corporation can help you pick out. The city offers quality schools, healthcare and plenty of amenities like outdoor activities.  Call the Azle Surety Bond Pros Today at 800-314-7003!

What is the difference between a surety bond and a letter of credit? Both are instruments for risk management, both are three party agreements, and thus both appear to operate in a similar way. Letters of credit come in two varieties: documentary and standby letters of credit, and it is the latter that function like surety bonds as we know them in that the issuer must honor the LoC after it receives evidence from the beneficiary that the other party is in default of the terms of the contract.

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One of the key difference between the surety bond and the LoC is that the LoC is not a guarantee, but a promise to pay up to a certain amount if certain documentation is presented by the beneficiary. The bank issuing the LoC at no time takes on the risk, and is required to pay the beneficiary without investigating the claim. In other words, the beneficiary only has to claim default, not prove it. Surety bonds attach to the underlying contract and do not pay the beneficiary until they deem the claim to be valid. Give us a call at 800-314-7003

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613 SE Parkway

Azle, TX 76020

Phone: (817) 444-2541 

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Azle, TX 76020

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The Surety Bonds We See Most Commonly in Azle, TX

There are literally thousands of different Surety Bonds to guarantee the performance of businesses and individuals. The following list of are the bonds we most commonly see.

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