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 Don't hesitate to call Pro Surety Bond for your bond needs. We specialize in all types of Contract and Construction Bonds including Payment and Performance Bonds, Subdivision and Off Site Bonds, Bid Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Court Bonds, Fidelity Bonds and all types of Miscellaneous Surety Bonds. There's simply no reason to not pick up the phone and just call 800-314-7003 , You'll be surprised at how quickly acquire one with us. Call the Yuma Surety Bond Pros at 800-314-7003.

Yuma Surety Bonds for Your Bond Needs

Call 800-314-7003! It's the hard work and dedication of our team of agents that has made our clients remember us and come back year after year for their surety bond requirements. Experience with the underwriting system is the key, but having a high credit score is a big help. However, even if your credit has something to be desired, calling us for a no obligation quote won't hurt you in any way, and we love it when our clients find out that they don't have to pay as much as they thought. Call 800-314-7003!


Bidding Opportunities for the City of Yuma


If you are bidding on public projects for the City of Yuma you may be required to post a Bid Bond. The Bid Bond guarantees you will be able to provide the Performance Bonds required in the event you are the low bidder. In essence the Bid Bond pre-qualifies you for the work you are bidding on. Not all jobs require bonding but if they do we can assist you with Bid Bonds, and subsequent Performance and Payment Bonds as required by the city. Please call the Contract Bond Team at Pro Surety Bond for more information at 800-314-7003.

Click Here for Bidding Opportunities for the City of Yuma

Yuma Purchasing Department

One City Plaza
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: (928) 373-5000
Map to Purchasing Department

Come to Yuma for the Best Quality of Life

If you live in Yuma you probably like the sun. Yuma is considered the sunniest city in the United States, with the sky being clear 90% of the daylight hours. Yes it's smack dab in the middle of the desert and it's hot, but that's the way they like it. They must, because the population of Yuma has been growing steeply for the past 30 years. Snowbirds always talk about how down to earth the locals are, and additionally the slow pace of life draws many retirees. The housing is cheaper than the national average, and if you absolutely must see some water, San Diego is 2.5 a hour drive away.

Small business opportunities abound in Yuma, thanks to the tourist industry. Winter visitors from all over the country flock to Yuma and the population is said to double during those months. That means lots of hotels, restaurants, retail, and all the businesses that support those industries are ripe with opportunities. And don't forget the farming industry to the north of the city. There is always a need for tractors and all the other farm equipment. There is a big military presence here as well, with the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma and the Yuma Proving Ground employing at least 5000. Call the Yuma Surety Bond Pros at 800-314-7003.

So now that you have decided to make the big leap and open your own business in Yuma, you will have found out by now that you need a surety bond. Since your business license application did not explain to you what a surety bond is, we will: say one party contracts work to another party. But the first party isn't sure that the second party will come through on his obligation, so he makes the second party take out a surety bond to make him back up his work. For instance, if you are opening a business that collects sales tax, the state of Arizona will require you to take out a sales tax bond in case you don't make your drop.

Yuma Surety Bonds for All Requirements

So you're confident that you have a business idea that will make you a few shekels. Maybe you're thinking about a business that traffics in liquid fuel. Maybe you want to be a grower or shipper or produce. Maybe you're an ignition interlock installer. If you are any of these, you will need a bond to ensure that all regulations pertaining to your industry will be adhered to. Pro Surety Bond offers great premiums for these types of bonds and hundreds and hundreds more. You can call us for rates on our contractor bonds, fidelity bonds, and offsite improvement bonds.  Let our 25 years of combined experience go to work for you getting you a bond so you can get your business license. Same day quotes available. Call the Yuma surety bond providers at 800-314-7003.

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Yuma Municipal Page
Yuma City Hall
One City Plaza
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: (928) 373-5000 

Yuma Chamber of Commerce
180 W. 1st St., 
Suite A
Yuma Arizona 85364 
Phone: (928) 782-2567

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The Surety Bonds We See Most Commonly in Yuma, AZ

There are literally thousands of different Surety Bonds to guarantee the performance of businesses and individuals. The following list of are the bonds we most commonly see.

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